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Do I wanna know tab and video guitar lesson – Top 50 Guitar Riffs Ever!

Do I wanna know tab and video guitar lesson – Top 50 Guitar Riffs Ever!

Do I wanna know tab and video guitar lesson - Top 50 Guitar Riffs Ever!

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D|—————————3–1———————————————-| Repeat
E|–1h3– 3—–1h3—————————————————3–|

Artic Monkeys know how to write a great riff. I know many of my regular readers and subscribers may have never heard of this band from Sheffield, UK, but over here they are pretty big and boy, do they know how to write a classic riff.

It seems like every time the Artic Monkeys release new material, they blast out some killer guitar riffs along the way.

Do I wanna know is no exception. It is a simple bluesy minor pentatonic style riff that actually reminds me of some Albert King riffs.

What the guys in the Artic Monkeys have done well is to take a bluesy type riff, put their own spin on it and make it fit their indie rock sound and they did a great job doing so.

Hats off to you, lads. The riff has made the top 50 and for everyone reading, give the riff a go. It is pretty simple but sooo cool!

Rock on.

`It wa’ good that` as they say in Sheffield!

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