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SABR #3 – How to fix those out of tune chords even when your guitar is in tune

SABR #3 – How to fix those out of tune chords even when your guitar is in tune

SABR #3 - How to fix those out of tune chords even when your guitar is in tune

Welcome to SABR lesson #3 from me, Dan Thorpe of Guitar Domination.

`SABR` is an acronym and is short for `Small Adjustments, Big Results`.

During my 1000`s of hours of teaching guitar, I have found that there are many little things that make a massive difference, and that is what these SABR lessons are all about….

…teaching you how to make a small tweak to your playing but achieve a big result with it.

Some things take a lot of effort for few results and that is fine as that is the nature of learning. Some things however, only need little fixes or little adjustments for massive results.

This SABR series of lessons is all about my years of learning what only needs Small Adjustments for Big Results. (See what I did there?)



Whether you are a fingerstyle guitarist, strumming aficionado, a beginner or intermediate you will find that you make some of these mistakes or could benefit from these lessons, so subscribe if you enjoy!

This is the third SABR video and features an important subject – stopping you bending strings out of tune by accident when playing simple open chords. The difference this can make can be huge and can make your playing sound really amateurish if you are guilty of it – don`t worry we will fix it in this short video!

One of the most frustrating sounds for any guitarist is the sound of their guitar not sounding in tune, even though the tuner says it is in tune. This often happens on chords and can awful. The reason it happens is due to students accidentally bending a string out of tune and thankfully the fix is pretty simple. Learn how to fix it in this video.

Watch the video and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below and if you want some « really awesome eBooks » (5 star rated too on Amazon, “ooh-la-la”) then head to my site below at:


Thanks for watching and good luck with your playing!

I answer all questions on YouTube and genuinely want you to get the best out of your playing so if you have any questions, fire away.

Dan Thorpe
Guitar Domination

Source : Guitar Domination

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